A Small-Town Business Formula for Successful Do-It-Yourself Marketing And Advertising

Work this easy-to-use plan and watch your small-town business grow

Tom Egelhoff


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The principal reason for this newsletter is to assist small business owners in the execution of their marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts.

To be “self-marketing,” if you will.

Most marketing books and guides have never dealt with the small business owner who must decide where to spend the $250.00 advertising budget for the month.

There’s a big difference between spending $250.00 and $250,000,000.00 on advertising or promotion.

Which of the two amounts will tolerate the most mistakes?

The second amount can afford the most mistakes.

The two-hundred-and-fifty-dollar merchant must generate $250.00 in business profit, or that business is in trouble.

The $250,000,000 mistake is also costly, but businesses of that size can often weather storms of that magnitude much more manageably.

And they can apply them for more extended periods than the small businessperson can.

But the most important thing is that mistakes in marketing and advertising can put you out of business.

Advertising, marketing, and promotion must pay for themselves. It must be an investment, not an expense.

The Small-Town Self-Marketing Formula

This week I want to outline a formula for success for the small business owner than can help keep you and your business on track.

I’ll break it down in as much detail as possible, but to be successful, you must assemble the information to plug into the formula.

Before we go any further, I should also point out that this isn’t an X + Y = Z type formula.

You’ll have to do some business homework and examine your business in more detail.



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