Medium Writing Tips That Helped Me

How to Increase Followers and Make Your Page and Links Look Better.

Thanks to my Medium Friends for these helpful tips

Tom Egelhoff
8 min readAug 6, 2022


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Table of Contents

What’s a Kicker — Why Do I Need It — How to Make a Kicker
How To Make a Membership Referral Box to Increase Referrals
How to Add Video or a Cool Link to a Story
Here’s How to Add Video to Your Story
How to Create a Table of Contents for Your Story
The Listening Feature on Medium
Some Final Thoughts on Medium Tips and Tricks

I don’t have to tell you that the learning curve on Medium is frustrating.

There’s so much to know and there’s no one place where all the tips and tricks are located.

I’m going to try to post them all in a list on my account as I learn these tips and pass them on to you. You’ll find that list below.

Writing on Medium

40 stories

Every time I learn something new, I think of the 300-plus articles I’ve written that doesn’t include those helpful tidbits of information.

A couple of tweaks here and there that would bring me more followers, subscribers, and referred members.

So, let’s shorten the learning curve for you so you can get your writing and growth off to a good start and avoid the things I didn’t know when I starout.

What’s a Kicker — Why Do I Need It — How to Make a Kicker

Let’s start with what a kicker is. Here’s the graphic.

As you can see the Kicker is right above the Title of your article.



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