Is Social Media The Brain’s New Trash Bin?

Is social media where low information thinking goes to die?

Tom Egelhoff
3 min readApr 26, 2022


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Thank you so much for that astonishing picture of your last meal on Facebook. I so needed to see how lucky you are to dine so well.

Looking through my social media I wonder what in the world am I doing there? Do I need to know what your kid did in school or sports?

Is my life better knowing there are varmints’ in your backyard?

I live to wake up each morning to your thoughts on climate change, abortion, wokeness, BLM, chemtrails, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, immigration, politics, health, your family issues, your issues, your dog and cat issues, your work issues, CRT theory, LGBT, Ukraine, Elon Musk, Trump, Biden, Kennedy Assassination, 9/11, FBI, Justice Department, UFO’s, your favorite recipe, or your issues with issues.

I’m tired out after the first three minutes yet for some self-abusive reason not only do I continue to read but have the overwhelming urge to comment.

Am I really absent of a life? Is my entire being reduced to hoping for a screenshot of your breakfast?

I suppose the original idea of social media was a good one. Share information with family and friends.

But the information seems to be at the bottom of the brain barrel. All the good thoughts were expressed to others in an email or phone call.

Whatever is left behind ends up on social media. The last bastion to empty the mind of any or all constructive thought.

I can understand the addiction of social media. Not knowing what was posted is more powerful than knowing.

Fear of loss is always more powerful than expectation of gain. The problem is where’s the gain on social media?

Could eggs, sausage, and toast be a not to be missed event? In what universe?

Everyone on social media has a cooler pet than I do. My pets sleep other people’s pets do cute things.

Should I feel hurt by this? Should I dump my pets at the pound and advertise for a performing pet to level the playing field?



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