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President Joe Biden Out; Acting President Jill Biden In; or Michelle?

It’s been done before.

Tom Egelhoff
6 min readSep 23


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We still have Joe Biden as President because he’s been unable to find an exit so far. If you watched some of his recent speeches, he’s unsure how to get off the stage.

Yes, sadly, it’s time for Joe to go. Full transparency: Joe is ten days older than I, so this isn’t elder abuse from me — but those who keep propping him up as doing a good job are guilty of the worst form of elder abuse.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has one of the most demanding jobs in the world.

Standing up daily and professing that the border is secure, trans in women’s sports is fair, inflation is no big deal, climate change will kill us all by Christmas, Biden is a Mensa candidate, and he’s never, ever discussed anything, let alone business, with his son or brother.

Someone should put her up for Sainthood.

Hey, Hey, HO, HO, Joe Biden Has Got To Go

When will this familiar chant be a daily occurrence near the White House from liberal activists?

Even the left-wing media is beginning to see the light and reporting on problems nationwide. Blue states are hemorrhaging population and losing congressional seats.

According to Real Clear Politics, only 25 percent of those polled believe the country is headed in the right direction.

In a Reuters/Ipsos survey conducted in May, which included almost 4,500 registered voters, around 20 percent of participants from both Democratic and Republican backgrounds deemed violence as “acceptable” when pursued “to realize their vision of a better society.”

However, this viewpoint is unsettling for a majority of Americans.

In a different Reuters/Ipsos poll from March and April, approximately 65 percent conveyed their worry over “violent acts against individuals in their community due to their political stance.”

In various cities, progressive mayors have supported the “defund the police” initiative, and some progressive prosecutors…



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