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Here are some lists to simplify over 600 articles

Tom Egelhoff
3 min readJul 31, 2022


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In my five and a half months reign of terror on Medium.com I’m humbled to have almost 900 fans.

I’m pleased that there are those who enjoy my almost daily musing on this platform. You’re the fire that keeps me engaged and in constant improvement mode.

As I approach 400 articles, I thought it might be helpful to those following me to create some lists since I don’t have one singular niche.

Use the link below to access all my lists in one place.

Below is a listing of my most common topics and a little about what I’m trying to achieve with each one.

Note: For faster reading use the “Listen” feature below my name on each story. The story will be read to you. For those of you who are Medium Members “Listen,” I’m told counts as a read.

Tom Egelhoff’s Medium Reading Lists

Tom Egelhoff Top Stories

26 stories

— These are a few of the stories making the most money for me in the Medium Partnership program.

Controversial Stories

256 stories

— These are some of the stories that get the most love and hate comments.



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