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What Will You Do If You Lose Your Writing Job to Artificial Intelligence?

You’ll Do Something Else

Tom Egelhoff
4 min readMay 24


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It’s almost impossible to swing a cat and not hit a story about jobs and the possibility of those jobs being lost to AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Many full-time writers like me have expressed concern that the days of human beings creating books and articles are numbered — AI will be doing it instead.

If AI takes my place, what will I do? I must look at American history for the answer.

Things Change, and So Do People

Five significant life-changing events happened from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Electricity, automobile, flight, telephone, radio, and TV appeared on the scene.

All our lives were changed forever. People moved off farms and into cities, and the industrial revolution was off and running.

New ways of making money did not exist before those five inventions became commonplace.

But it didn’t happen overnight. Some growing pains went along with these advancements.

Working conditions, wages, and taxes all underwent a metamorphosis of improvement that took nearly 100 years to accomplish.

Fast Forward to 2023

Where are we today? A large portion of manufacturing has moved offshore. New markets are being opened on every continent.

And that was not possible just a few years ago.

Wages in developing countries are advancing to the point where they can now afford our products, and companies are expanding daily into these new markets.

Look at the advancements of cell phones and computers in recent years. We can now communicate around the world as never before.

All these ways of making money did not exist just a few short years ago.

Social media, online stores, and free delivery made more products available and changed how we buy those products.



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