When You Vote in Political Elections, Emotion ALWAYS Wins

Tom Egelhoff
3 min readSep 27, 2022

We vote emotionally, not logically

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One of the many things I stress in my business seminars is this ironclad rule of advertising.

When logic and emotion come into conflict — Emotion always wins.

We are emotional beings, and we don’t always think logically but always think emotionally.

We base our decisions on how those decisions will make us feel, not whether they are logical.

We make emotional decisions and then create a logical argument to support that decision.

Emotions Direct Our Lives

If you don’t believe my ironclad rule, you can take me to the grocery store and show me the dead mouse or bird cat food.

Wouldn’t that be logical?

My cat brings both in the house all the time to the shrieking of my wife and for me to do something about it.

Unfortunately, the cat just doesn’t seem to get it.

We make decisions on how those decisions make us feel. You need no other proof than the last hearings on Capitol Hill to decide the next two Supreme Court Justices.

We embrace that position if we “feel” the individual party’s testimony is credible.

It’s our gut feeling that directs us.

We see and feel delivery — not the spoken points.

Why Negative Campaign Ads Work

Many Americans fail to appreciate the freedom we have to enter a ballot box and decide who our local, state, and national leaders will be.

What makes us go to that box is not issues but how we feel about those issues.

It’s much easier to go to the polls if you’re angry than if things are just peachy keen.

Negative ads are created to make us dislike the candidate or initiative and to motivate us to react based on how that candidate or initiative makes us feel.

The more we dislike the person or issue, the more likely we will show up to make our voices heard.

A negative will spread much further and faster than a positive.



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