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Why Do Democrats Always Get Offended When They’re Told Basic Political Facts?

Some of these facts and my thoughts on them might surprise you.

Tom Egelhoff
9 min readSep 1, 2023


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A liberal on Quora asked the title question. He was, of course, being facetious, as he demonstrated by answering his own question. Here are his thoughts and so-called facts.

“No. You’re thinking of Republicans. But let’s test. I will throw out some basic facts and see who gets offended.”

Let’s begin.

  • FACT: Over the last fifty years, every Republican President has seen a recession, while we have had only one recession begin under a Democrat, a short six-month recession under Carter.

Tom’s answer: Aren’t we forgetting something like 10 percent unemployment under Carter, 15 percent home loans, 10 percent inflation, gas lines, and a 20 percent prime rate? By all means, let’s go back to Carter. No recession since the Great Depression had all those elements. And it was longer than six months.

  • FACT: Over the last forty years, every Republican President has created a deficit at least double the previous record. Over that same time, every Democratic President (including Biden) has cut the deficit by half or more.

Tom’s answer: Biden didn’t cut anything. The Covid payments expired, saving the government $1.7 trillion it had been spending. Presidents don’t increase or decrease the deficit. Congress does that by passing spending bills. Presidents can sign or veto those bills. In the past 40 years, Democrats and Republicans got us into wars that must be paid for. Obama was the poster child for raising the deficit, and a Republican Congress came along in the mid-terms to shut him down. A Republican Congress gave Bill Clinton a surplus in his second term.

  • FACT: The last three Democratic Presidents (including Biden) have all seen unemployment effectively cut in half. The last two Republicans both saw it effectively double.

Tom’s Answer: Once again, knowledge is power. What happened during the last two Republicans? It seems to me I remember a financial meltdown in 2008–2009 that wasn’t the fault



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