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Writing vs. Blogging vs. Podcasting — Which Search Term Does Google Like?

Using Google Trends Can Help Your Writing

Tom Egelhoff
4 min readAug 7, 2022


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One of the tools I use when trying to come up with a story for Medium is Google Trends.

This link is for searches done in the US. You can tailor Google Trends for any country or territory.

By entering search words or phrases Google Trends will tell me the popularity of terms I’m thinking about.

I can also compare different keywords as to how well they perform against similar terms.

For example, here is my search for Blogging:

Not bad I would say. It would seem by this measure that blogging might be a way to go for a story or article about successful blogging.

There seems to be a steady increase in interest over the past year. This might be good news to all bloggers out there.

But does this one graphic tell the whole story?

Compare Search Terms

As I mentioned earlier Google Trends allows you to compare various keywords against each other to see the popularity of each term compared to the others.

In this case, I compared three terms against each other.

Blogging, Writing, and Podcasting

I wondered if blogging would still carry the same power as shown in the graphic above when compared with the other two terms.

Here are the results of that comparison

Screenshot by Author

As you can see the popularity of blogging barely registered when compared to writing and podcasting with podcasting being the stronger keyword.

So, what does this graphic tell us?



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